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Financial Coaching in Practice: Findings From a Survey of Financial Coaches

Financial coaching is an emerging strategy to help people enhance financial capability and well-being. However, few studies of coaching practices have been completed. A survey of 273 coaches in the United States provides insight into current coaching practice. The average coach in the survey served 19 clients per month and saw each client about four times. The range of coaches varied widely; many coaches operated at a relatively small scale, often embedded in social service programs. Coaches generally reported coaching had positive impacts on clients, especially coaches with more training and those who served more clients. Overall, this study shows the financial coaching field includes an array of approaches but may benefit from capacity building and adoption of standards of practice.

Authors: Professor J Michael Collins, Hallie Lienhardt, Peggy Olive

Source: Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, December 28, 2021

Read the full article at: https://www.proquest.com/docview/2612602033/fulltext/F4A0DD3F92694C3DPQ/1?accountid=465