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Fairbanks Work Brings Enrichment to Public Transportation |  Robb comments on Passion vs. Profit | Wong Reflects on Savings and Spending |


Marianne Fairbanks.Assistant Professor Marianne Fairbanks was selected by the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority to create a new art bus wrap, connecting weaving, math and technology. Zigs Zags, Zags Zig, “… pays homage to sophisticated textile traditions including age-old indigenous processes in form-making and domestic hand-spun textile production.”



Cliff RobbThe Federal Reserve Board reports four in 10 Americans would be unable to cover a $400 emergency or unexpected payment without borrowing or selling a belonging. Associate Professor Cliff Robb suggests ways to tackle financial challenges for those who may work in less lucrative careers manage their savings in his interview with USA Today Network-Wisconsin.




Nancy Wong

So, why aren’t more Americans saving? Professor Nancy Wong reflects in this article “…it’s actually the little things that add up.”