Why are gorillas so good at dealing with early life trauma? (Wisconsin Public Radio; Navsaria)

Human Development & Family Studies Clinical Associate Professor Dipesh Navsaria discusses adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and how these relate to new research showing that gorillas, unlike other primates and long-lived mammals, do not seem to have long-term negative outcomes after experiencing trauma early in life.

ICT Newscast: International trade stepped up for tribes (ICT; Keeler)

Civil Society & Community Studies Assistant Professor Kasey Keeler explains the main ideas from her book “American Indians and the American Dream: Policies, Place, and Property in Minnesota,” published in May 2023. Keeler’s book explores how American Indian people have historically accessed homeownership in the U.S. and especially in her home state of Minnesota.

School Lunch: Justice On The Menu (The Integrated Schools Podcast; Gaddis)

Civil Society & Community Studies Associate Professor Jennifer Gaddis discusses the history of school lunch and the current challenges these programs face. Gaddis also explains the financial, labor and environmental justice issues associated with school lunch, and she encourages participation in school lunch programs as the best way to improve them.

From Cultural Appropriation to Cultural Appreciation at the Center for Design and Material Culture (Museum magazine; Carter, Dodge Francis, Jean, Jenkinson, Mace, Center for Design & Material Culture, Equity and Justice Network, Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection, Indigenous EcoWell Initiative and Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery)

Human Ecology faculty, staff and a Ph.D. student describe the school’s efforts to use items from the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection to help visitors understand the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation.

Why Your Grandparents Might Move to Your College Campus (The Daily Beast; Shin)

Design Studies Department Chair and Professor Jung-hye Shin explains how intergenerational living, a recent trend on some college campuses, is actually not all that new. Shin also discusses the elements intergenerational housing should ideally have to accommodate all of its residents, as well as the potential outcomes of this type of housing.

Art for your feet — made for no one but you (Wisconsin State Journal; Peck, Center for Design & Material Culture and Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery)

Laura Sims Peck, operations manager for the Center for Design & Material Culture, describes the impact of “Hand Made in America: Contemporary Custom Footwear.” The exhibit, which featured 11 accomplished shoe and boot makers currently working in the U.S., was on display in spring 2023 in the Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery.