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Human Ecologist for Life: Sydney Sua

Sydney Sua (Textile and Apparel Design ’14) is a Content Strategist for Google in San Francisco, CA.

“I want other students to have the experience I had”

Sydney Sua’s journey from graduating with a degree in textile fashion to working with Google, is not one you hear often. It began with an internship that turned into full employment with Global Brands Group, the fashion giant spin-off of Li & Fung. The job was heavy on technology, which opened doors to work with online retail start-ups and Sua focusing more and more on the relationship between seller and buyer. Today Sua brings that expertise to making the experience in Google Payments not only smooth and simple, but also culturally responsive for people around the world.

“It’s been an unpredictable journey,” she says, “but what connects it all is my passion for the consumer experience and clear, honest communication.”

A Human Ecology Education

The passion Sua shows in the workforce is one she also holds for her alma mater. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison she was a Chancellor’s Scholar, receiving a full tuition scholarship. “I felt really well supported in the School of Human Ecology,” she recalls, “as a student, and as a minority student.”

That experience inspired Sua to support the Kohl’s Center for Retailing’s inaugural crowdfunding campaign last December, not only to help students but also as a way to
maintain SoHE’s broader vision. “I believe disciplines within human ecology can be sometimes misunderstood, and I feel dedicated to smashing that misunderstanding. I feel totally grateful that I followed what I was passionate about.