Texture of gray tile on a wall in Nancy Nicholas Hall


Department of Design Studies

Areas of Specialization

Human-centered design

  • Design impact on health and wellbeing (or design evaluation)
  • Design for special population (aging, poverty, children)

Design Innovation

  • Design Strategy
  • Design Thinking


  • Visual Reality
  • Emerging Technology
  • Smart Building System
  • Material innovations

Sustainable Design Materials and Practices

  • Materials
  • Building systems

Creative Practice

  • Papermaking
  • Textile Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Weaving

Historical and Cultural Studies

  • Material Culture
  • Design History
  • Museum Studies
  • Cultural and regional studies


  • Design Visualization
  • Visual Communication
  • Data Visualization

Design Studies Faculty and Staff

  • Jennifer Angus, a person with long, blue/green hair wearing a dark gray top and red necklace.

    Jennifer AngusProfessor of Design Studies | Kay Vaughan Faculty Fellow of Design + Innovation

  • White woman in jean blouse smiling.

    Sarah Anne CarterAssociate Professor of Design Studies | Executive Director of the Center for Design and Material Culture

  • A white man smiling, with grey hair, wearing a tan short sleeve button up shirt.

    Mark ClaiborneDigital Fabrication Laboratory Manager

  • A smiling white man with gray hair and trimmed beard wearing black coat and dark purple tie

    Samuel DennisSenior Academic Faculty and Administrator

  • A white man with a beard and glasses, smiling, wearing a blue shirt and a grey sweater.

    Coe DouglasCreative Lead for the Master of Science in Design + Innovation

  • A white woman smiling, with grey hair, wearing graphic-patterned earrings and a polka dot shirt.

    Marianne FairbanksAudrey Rothermel Bascom Professor | Associate Professor of Design Studies | Kohl’s Center Innovation Faculty Fellow

  • A white male smiling with short hair, glasses, and a beard, wearing a blue denim shirt.

    Mitch FrankTeaching Faculty, Design Studies

  • Professional photo of Brooke Godfrey.

    Brooke GodfreyTeaching Faculty, Design Studies

  • A woman smiling, with long, light brown hair, wearing red glasses and a blue shirt.

    Erin HamiltonAssistant Professor of Design Studies

  • A white woman smiling, with short hair, wearing glasses, a black shirt, and a long necklace.

    Mary HarkProfessor of Design Studies

  • A white woman smiling, with short grey hair and wearing an olive green velvet button down collared shirt and silver jewelery.

    Elizabeth Hooper-LaneTeaching Faculty, Design Studies

  • A white woman, smiling, with straight brown hair, wearing glasses and a navy blue, burgundy, and white striped dress.

    Marina MoskowitzLynn and Gary Mecklenburg Chair in Textiles, Material Culture & Design | Professor of Design Studies

  • A man smiling with short, dark hair and a beard, wearing a black, short-sleeved polo shirt.

    Kevin PontoAudrey Rothermel Bascom Professor | Associate Professor of Design Studies

  • Portrait of Lesley Sager in Nancy Nicholas Hall.

    Lesley SagerTeaching Faculty Emerit

  • Portrait of Jung-hye, an Asian woman in a black blazer smiling, in front of the 100 Women Wall.

    Jung-hye ShinDepartment Chair and Professor of Design Studies | Faculty Director of the Design Thinking Program | Interior Architecture Program Coordinator

  • A brown woman with black hair, smiling, wearing a gray jacket and black earrings.

    Uchita VaidAssistant Professor of Design Studies

  • A white woman with short, blond, curly hair and blue eyes, wearing a blue jacket with a light blue shirt.

    Trudy WattAcademic Director for the Master of Science in Design + Innovation

  • An Asian man with short black hair in a seated position, wearing dark blue shirt and glasses.

    Mengni ZhangAssistant Professor of Design Studies