Hunting in hot pink may be safer, but men aren’t having it (The Wall Street Journal; Sarmadi)

Professor Emeritus Majid Sarmadi is quoted about the use of “blaze pink” in hunting gear and the continuing resistance to wearing it by some male hunters. While a Design Studies professor, Sarmadi and hundreds of his students conducted research into this shade of pink, finding that it can improve hunters’ safety.

Madison schools want to transform food programs (The Cap Times; Gaddis, Kerr and Human Ecology graduate students)

Associate Professor of Civil Society & Community Studies Jennifer Gaddis discusses how she, Human Development & Family Studies Assistant Professor Margaret Kerr and Human Ecology graduate students are working with the Madison Metropolitan School District to better understand emotions around school food and the choice to participate or not in school food programs.

Should You Delete Your Kid’s TikTok This Week? (The Atlantic and MSN; Kirkorian)

Department Chair and Professor of Human Development & Family Studies Heather Kirkorian is quoted about the need to protect younger children from potentially upsetting material about the Israel-Hamas conflict and, in general, determining the appropriate age and development level for children to have access to a smartphone.

American Indians Need Equal Access to Homeownership (Bloomberg and The Washington Post; Keeler)

Assistant Professor of Civil Society & Community Studies Kasey Keeler writes that while the prevalence of land acknowledgment statements has expanded rapidly in recent years, this type of recognition rings hollow as Indigenous people in the U.S. face a homeownership crisis. Indigenous people have had inequitable access to homeownership throughout U.S. history, Keeler says.